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Color, Textures, and Fine Motor Fun

It’s never too early to work on fine motor skills! Look at the toddlers exploring with color and texture.

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Shooting into Space with the PreK/K Classroom

A constellation is a picture made from the stars. Look at the kids explore and make their own constellations! 

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Shapes are all around us!

Shapes are all around us! Look at how these preschoolers can use circles, rectangles and squares to make fire trucks!

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Learning Letters with Miss Vicky

We are wrapping up our study of winter animals. Those that hibernate and those that don't with a look at snakes. The children made snake tracks and learned that snakes stay warm by clustering themselves together during the winter.  We are introducing a new letter of the week, G! The class loves to play "what [...]

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The Wonder of Childhood

The expressions of these toddlers show it all: their happiness, their concentration and their wonder!  Check out the adventures and explorations of the children in Miss Kristy's and Miss Alicia's Toddler Classroom.

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Working and Growing Together

Some great pictures capturing the wild and unseasonable weather at school last week. Look at these kids learning new things: how to swim without a noodle, how to write their names by themselves and how to work together to fly the parachute just right. We’ve been working on all these skills and we are so [...]

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Rainy Day Fun in the I/T Room

See how our youngest SVCH students spend rainy days in the Infant-Toddler Room with Miss Audrey and Miss Chelsey!

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Once Upon A Time…

The Preschool Classroom is loving their study of the classic fairytales. Here are some photos of their adventures!

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Beep Beep! Transportation Fun in the Preschool Classroom

Transportation Fun in the Preschools Classroom!

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A Great day at The Valley

Today was a great day at The Valley. We were able to enjoy extended time outside in the beautiful weather and Miss Sharon returned to our classes!

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